Saturday, April 2, 2011

We Are Who We Are

Tucker has been such a sweetheart lately. I don't know if it's because I have now weaned Chloe or if he's just turning a corner with his maturity, but he has been so well-behaved and sweet with almost no outbursts!

I have also come to terms with him sleeping with me. I still start him off every night in his own bed but he's usually in with me by midnight or so. And I kinda like it. He sleeps well next to me and I love snuggling up to my sweet boy. Plus, I get to wake up every morning to him smiling at me when I open my eyes.

He is throwing out "I love you, Mama"s at random moments throughout the day, which always makes my heart all warm and gooey. His favorite song right now is ke$sha's "We Are Who We Are." Possibly a Mommy-Fail on that one, but at least it's the edited version.

He helps Chloe do things and he is also becoming a little leader, which makes me really happy! He still likes little details to be explained to him before things happen, which is totally how I am. I need to know the hows and whys way ahead of time and he is just the same. My mom gave me the great advice to make sure his future teachers understand that. He is also very much a visual learner, which is also good to know.

I blew his mind yesterday by painting my finger and toenails. My toes haven't been polished since right before I had Chloe and my fingernails haven't been polished in years, not since Tucker has been born anyways. He is obsessed with them! He asks to look at them several times a day and this morning he took the covers off my feet to see if they were still painted.

And just yesterday, he did the thing I envisioned when I was pregnant with him. He picked me some dandelions and ran up to give them to me, so proud of the "flowers" he brought his Momma. LOVE that boy!

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