Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gosh, I just logged onto this blog for the first time in a while, trying to think of what to write. And then I scrolled down past his little profile picture. That picture was just taken in May and he has grown up so much since! He looks like such a baby in that! My baby boy is going to be THREE in 6 weeks!!!!!

Tucker really enjoyed Christmas this year. This year was the first one that was really fun for him because he was finally old enough to understand the story of Santa. He asked Santa for a "train, and railroad tracks, and gas." Or as he would say it: "rain, rairoad cracks, annnnnnnnnn gas." I have pics of Christmas and one of these days I promise to do a ginormous picture update, but for tonight, my pillow is calling my name.

Oh, forgot to mention that we also talked to Tucker about Baby Jesus and the real story of Christmas, but I'm not sure how much he grasped it. However, after his bath the other night, I had him wrapped up tight in his hooded towel, cuddling him in the cradle position. He looked up at me with his big, brown eyes and declared that HE was Baby Jesus!

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